Shopping in our JULEST store is very simple.

1. Click on the "INSERT TO CART" icon and click the + icon to set the amount
    and continue your purchase.

2. You can check your shopping cart summary and change the number of pieces.

3. You do not have to register with us, you can order the goods without registration, but it is necessary but strictly
     fill in the required field marked *. / as email, address, name, surname, address
     delivery, zip code, city, mobile phone /

4. Press the red button. Click.

5. Select the delivery method

     The ways of delivery are these


    Delivery takes 4-6 days after shipment,  DHL. Our company sends in 1 work. day.

6. Leave a message if you have any request to fulfill it.

7. When selecting a delivery, leave a message to the recipient and his exact address. In this way
    You must pay for your purchase by either bank transfer or CARD payment.

8. Choose a form of payment and click the arrow.

     Payment methods are:
   pay on delivery
   pay by bank transfer - this payment requires payment prior to sending your order.
   credit cards - we accept all common payment cards such as VISA card, Mastercard and so on

9.After selecting the payment method, CONFIRM YOUR ORDER AND CLICK.