The executive's word.

Dear customers, I will be glad to read my words for the introduction.

My name is Marta Studenková and I am the managing director of JULEST, s.r.o .. As a manager of JULEST, s.r.o. I decided to import branded, silk flowers and open an e-shop for Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. For a long time, I've been looking for a suitable partner to supply to our company JULEST, s.r.o. the most beautiful silk flowers. I had a dream and a vision that I want our company to sell flowers that have "ELEGANCE, STYLE and CHARM" and they are missing in the Slovak, Czech and Hungarian markets.

Dear customers, this has been done!

Our company JULEST, s.r.o. imports and sells brand silk flowers "XITONG"! These flowers are beautiful, simply "more beautiful than lively". XITONG branded flowers are made of the finest silk fabric and its characteristic is that the flowers are touchy real and are ecological!

We introduce to you dear customers our e-shop JULEST, s.r.o. and from the heart I believe you will also love those beautiful silk and artificial flowers and products of the brand "XITONG!

Our company Julest, s.r.o. comes first on the Slovak market with the revolutionary novelty of LUXURY FLOWERS AND ORIGINAL CYCLES, which are arranged from the XITONG branded flowers. Another revolutionary idea was the description of the XITONG branded flowers, which is presented with great emotion and affection that belong to such a beautiful branding flower "XITONG".

I want to thank all the people who have been involved in making this nice e-shop. First of all, my dear husband Vladimir, for his help and moral support, my mother, dear daughter of Zanetka and her whole family. Next to all the professionals who are the top in their field and are enthusiastic about their work and this is seen at every step of this e-shop. Last but not least, my dear friend Helenke, without whom this e-shop would not be in the world. Thank you, Heli! I also very much like to thank my colleagues to Zuzka, Mário and Evičke.

Our exclusive partner, XITONG, has world-class quality.

XITONG President hereby cordially thanks for granting the official representation of the XITONG brand, namely Mr. YINGTAO ZHANG.

Dear Mr. President Mr. Yingtao Zhang,

thank you for making the most beautiful artificial and silk flowers not only for the half of the world, but also for our company JULEST, s.r.o. and thank you for allowing me to fulfill my dream of selling flowers that have "ELEGANCE, STYLE and CHARM". Thank you for everything!

Ing. Marta Studenková

executive of the company

JULEST, s.r.o.

....... Mr. President Yingtao Zhang said, I quote ......

"I'm really honored that my flowers get new life in a new country. "


"I am very glad that my flowers have been given a new life in the new country. "

Thank you Dear Yingtao Zhang